Lenord "Lenny" Archibald Stardust was once a human before surving a electrical shock fusing his DNA with metalic armor making him transform in to golden invicible robot going by the designation - I1G Model ZL-9 and now living his life as half-human and half-robot. Jenny Wakemen is the only andriod that Lenny understands and always knows what to do whenever she feels down, heartbroken or humiliated cause he to is living a teenage life.

Appearance Edit

Human Form Edit

Lenny is light dark skinned with a hip-hop fashion sense; A white shirt with a golden jacket and silver pants and white sneakers along with a silver watch with yellow bands with a button allowing him to transform into his robot form.

Robot Form Edit

Golden metallic mask covering half of his face with one red eye along with with gold and silver legs and feet and a silver breastplate for the shield.

Personality Edit

Lenny is a nice dude with Jenny, Brad, Tuck and Sheldon an as was mentioned before, he cheers up Jenny if she needs it. He's mostly a kind, loving and fun-loving boy but on some cases he can be hot tempered and a little vengeful to some of the Tremerton High School students who humiliated Jenny.

Relationships Edit

Jenny Wakeman Edit

The only robot Lenny considers to be his best friend next to Brad Carbunckle. Jenny usually hangs out with him to talk about how her life is going on so far at Tremerton High and Lenny is always up for a chat and sometimes, Jenny hangs out with him for a little fun time after school

Brad Carbunckle Edit

Jenny's first best friend and Lenny's new friend next to being his training coach. He gives Lenny a determined look when he's ready to train with him and sometimes spends a little downtime with Jenny and Tuck

Brit and Tiff Crust Edit

For nearly getting Jenny into trouble, nearly killing her and humiliating her numerous times, Lenny has a HUGE hatred for the crust cousins and has vowed revenge on them for every single thing they've done to Jenny. For every plan that crust cousins pull off on Jenny, Lenny's revenge get MUCH WORSE; From high school pranks, to Jenny's Destruction but on the positive side, he severely injures the two NEVER KILLING THEM ON POINT even he really wanted to

Trivia Edit

  • Lenny's Mom is a office worker far away and his Dad is a Rich mechanic
  • Out of all the characters Jason has created, this is the only character he made that didn't have a rough life
  • His watch is nearly similar to the communicator from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers